Twenties-style seduction stars in the new Blumarine Sposa collection, inspired by Lady Chatterley’s nonconformist and passionate elegance.

Romantic, sensual and bon chic bon genre: the Bride signed by Blumarine Sposa is a classy refined icon.

A wonderful Lady thanks her aristocratic allure and, at the same time, a real woman thanks her glamour and femininity enhanced by amazing wedding gowns with enveloping mermaid silhouette, measured necklines, transparencies and bold tears so able to intensify the innate and passionate joie de vivre. La plus belle parmi les plus belles in her best day.

She, the one and only great protagonist of her love dream, becomes Love at all through enchanting wedding dress that are the material representation of this sublime feeling.

Blumarine captures the essence in this flawless, sublime and unforgettable collection, designed for all women in love thanks cuts and attractive lines that go from short to long, also with train, and enveloping or wide shapes, for real princess. Impossible not to find here the dress always dreamed.

The collection plays with see-through effects and sartorial trompe l’oeil: chaste necklines offering a stark contrast to audacious nudity. Frills and various types of lace hint at mischievous transparencies. 

Lace is the star player here, in all of its forms, emphasizing the figure and accentuating curves with sinuous lines: from the more substantial texture of macramé to the bas-relief effect of rebrodé lace, the impalpable nature of Chantilly shadow lace and the mesh of Valenciennes lace.

All of these are paired with organza, light, full-bodied or cut out, silk mikado and embroidered tulle fabrics.

The maxi balloon skirts of tulle and pearls paired with a vest style top and the floral patterns embracing the figure on impalpable illusions of tulle are an expression of modern and urban romanticism.

The silk voile in ivory, sky blue or printed with a muted maxi-rose design defines swaying, billowing, full dresses embellished with jewelled embroidery of gems and crystals.

The Blumarine Sposa 2017 collection places herself firmly centre stage with dresses boasting haute couture design and embroidery that are the expression of Made in Italy creativity and craftsmanship. 

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